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Learning With EdTech – A New Curve

From Gurukul to gatherings under trees, to high-tech classrooms and apps, the education sector is one sector that has adapted technology to its best. EdTech word has been around for quite a while now, but its importance was best understood during the Pandemic and after. EdTech refers to new technological applications in the classroom. TheContinue Reading

Passion v/s Obsession

In a recent discussion with some engineering students, I came across this interesting aspect which defines not only our growth but also speed to attain that particular goal we have in mind. What sperates passion from (positive) obsession ? It’s good to be a passionate, but it may or may not take you to yourContinue Reading


With over 4 million (40 lakh) Engineering students and over 37 million (3.70 cr) students in higher education and a huge number of unemployed & and a fast emerging under-employed youth population in India, the future looks tough specially after COVID.

GigWork & Startups

Dear Friends in Higher Education, during my interactions with college students, one major question I am invariably asked is “I want to start on my own, how should I start?” So, if have you have also been thinking of starting your own startup? or you have always been dreaming of having your own startup thanContinue Reading


RE:BOOT YOUR COLLEGE POST-COVID. Some thought to increase admission and revenue for your college from Investing in on-campus startups to faculties as brands (like doctors to hospital) to integrated elearning and not just elearning and much more.

Industry READY v/s Industry READIED

The term “Industry Ready Student” has always been of concern to me, why should the onus of being Industry ready be just with the College (which has a higher purpose of educating the Youth ++ a lot more) or with the student who is still grappling with hormonal changes and a transition from teenage toContinue Reading


Now, what is the W2H and how can it change my life as a student in Higher Education. Simple, ask yourself these 3 Questions Q 1 – WHAT you want? Q 2 – WHY you want it? Q 3 – How are you going to get it? Let me detail it out, Q 1 –Continue Reading

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