Learning With EdTech – A New Curve

From Gurukul to gatherings under trees, to high-tech classrooms and apps, the education sector is one sector that has adapted technology to its best. EdTech word has been around for quite a while now, but its importance was best understood during the Pandemic and after. EdTech refers to new technological applications in the classroom.

The digital technology has transformed the approach of learners towards the process of education and the way they consume information. There was a time when the educational institutions were finding it tough to stay aligned with the rapid-paced changes in the technology; and today some educational organizations are already adapting to the trends. They are collaborating with education software development companies and digitalizing their classrooms to enhance the learning experiences. Today EdTech comprises of a range of digital aids like platform, companies, tools, etc. available at all levels of education.

EdTech’s new phase in India is here! Now, online test prep and K-12 learning are the new buzzwords. EdTech companies noticed a dramatic increase of their subscriber base during the lockdown. EdTech is focusing on content creation, pedagogy, doubt solving and imparting life skills. By 2025, EdTech in India is expected to value at more than USD 10 billion. Notably, this phase is also seeing the rise of platforms for cohort-based-courses (CBCs).

Indian EdTech is now a global player, with increase in partnerships with top global universities for master courses. Online platforms are focusing on enterprise learning, upskilling, and corporate skills. An entire array of custom-made curriculum is available for learners to carve their career paths.

Hence, Learning with EdTech is a New Curve! Here are few reasons why EdTech is playing a vital role.

  • Provides more immersive learning
  • Customized learning for each learner
  • Provides easy access – anytime, anywhere
  • Adds fun to learning
  • Provides more resources and forms of learning
  • Increases collaboration
  • Prepares for today’s in-demand skills
  • Moulds to become Industry-Ready & Job-Ready
  • Prepares for a Digital Life

It’s time to start working with EdTech! One of the most advantageous aspects of using EdTech is to enhance one’s career; it puts the person in charge of their destiny. They are no longer reliant on any limitations or specific subject matter. The ability to learn skills and grab certifications from these platforms gives them an advantage to develop and work towards their dream jobs and career paths.

EdTech’s growth will be sustainable due to the level of personalization it offers. Ensuring the quality of education is not diluted due to the increasing competition, the companies are spreading their horizons to the semi-urban and rural areas too. The meaning, the process, the approach is all changing and like said change is the only constant; EdTech is here to stay!

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