Passion v/s Obsession

In a recent discussion with some engineering students, I came across this interesting aspect which defines not only our growth but also speed to attain that particular goal we have in mind.

What sperates passion from (positive) obsession ?

It’s good to be a passionate, but it may or may not take you to your goal, as the intesity of your thought is not deep or strong enough to help you achieve a defined or desired goal in the defined timeline.

A passionate person think about the goal and wish that it happens, ideate and then go off to sleep and next day start with regular work and forget about that goal, till he or she encounters some pain or emotioal hit… but than that pain or hit may not be hard enough to make one work on that goal 24 x 7 and thats what separates a passionate person from an obsessed person.

Its very important to be obsessed about what you want in life or in that phase of life, think about it 24 x 7 and work towards achiveing it. Dont wait for that emotional hit or pain but be obsessed with what you want in the best time of your life and as the saying goes, “Thoughts become Things”, so what we think strongly and desperately, you automatically start attracting that and you will notice meaningful co-incidences will start happening which will take you closer to your desired goal.

Certain things can help you achive that faster… and one important thing is to be one with your mind. Mind can be your biggest friend of enemy. But if you learn to make it work for you or with you, you can achive what you desire at an incredibly fast pace.

Let me know what you feel about this blog and I will soon come with next part, working with mind to achive what you want

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