Dear Friends in Higher Education, during my interactions with college students, one major question I am invariably asked is “I want to start on my own, how should I start?” So, if have you have also been thinking of starting your own startup? or you have always been dreaming of having your own startup than this post is for you.

Why haven’t you been able to start it yet? Is there something holding you? Lets tick the list..

  1. You have an idea which you think can change the world ?
  2. Your idea is something which can solve a major problem ?
  3. You have the passion ?
  4. You have the energy & drive ?
  5. You are so passionate about your idea that you can live without a job for 1 year to give this idea your best shot.

So, if you have ticked one or more of the above points than there is something which is keeping you awake at night. You think (yes ONLY THINK) you can be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk or Jeff ezoz or Carl Pei or still better Sachin Bansal or Kunal Shah or Kunal Bahl or Padam Shri Sridhar Vembu  (one of my bootstrapped favorites).


The names and pictures are not put here with their approval and i have no intentions of becoming the next WhiteHat Jr !!!

So, all due credit to each one of them and for their achievements which inspires millions of people around the world including me.

Now, the big question – Do you need also need money apart from passion, idea and drive to start your startup? You first need to develop a MVP (minimum viable product) or a prototype or do research or talk to people if they really have the need? (I recommend you read Lean Startup).

I have been thinking of organizing a VC – Student Conference, so you can pitch your idea before you take the plunge in the unknown so called sparkling bright world of startup to get the reality check.

If you think you need some guidance or validation of your thought or idea or just interested in exploring the big bad world of startup, please drop me an email on and I will try to accommodate you in my upcoming virtual VC – Student conference in Mar-2021.

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