Challenges in Higher Education

Year 2021 – Challenges for students in Higher Education

The year 2020 has finally come to an end… and given way to a new year full of hope, expectations, dreams and also challenges. The hangover of 2020 still lingers in our thoughts and actions.

Last one year has changed a lot, some for good and some for not so good. Like for instance the college experience, the bunking of class, the fun of hanging out with friends, making new friends… some special and a lot more. Not sure how long this new normal will last… but its surely here to stay for sometime.

The new normal give rise to many uneasy questions like when will economy come back on track? where are jobs? how to get internships? or will I be able to get industry experience? or is the higher education enough? or can I get some Gigwork to make some money till I get a proper job?


Where I want to go from here?

As a student in Higher Education, you have a full blank canvas to paint. As you are thought to have the desired colors and brushes in form of your degree or diploma… you are not a school student, so you are considered an adult and you are for sure not a kid, can take your own decisions and plan things.

So, where should you start – to go where you want to go? To answer this question, you first have to decide what you want from life? You want to work or study more or do research or want to be an entrepreneur. The next few years (if not more) of your life will depend on your decision today. Once you have clearly thought about this then comes W2H, which I will talk in my next blog/ story.

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